Forever this beautiful earth!

The ocean keeps the earth in balance.
I believe that protecting the sea is the mission of mankind. We introduce the environmental conservation and regeneration activities

carried out by the Karatsu Marine Sports Club .

cleanup activities

Karatsu Marine Sports Club has been actively engaged in marine conservation activities
since its founding (1988) . In recent years, we have continued our activities in the midst of various problems and issues such as global warming and microplastics in the ocean .

seaweed and coral sea

Seaweed and coral are in a conflicting relationship and are
fighting each other for position.
In recent years, large seaweeds have decreased and
temperate corals have increased.
Every day, I dive into the sea and
record and convey the changes I see and feel with my own eyes.

Together with research institutes

We conduct ocean surveys with experts and research institutes in various fields such as biology, seaweed, coral, and geology
Unravel the history of the earth
and think about the future of the Genkai Sea.

Please contact us for survey cooperation, work support requests, etc.

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